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What Is Hypnotherapy

What Is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy or trance uses the application of hypnotic techniques to bring about therapeutic change and is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. We use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which is regulated and controlled by the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with techniques drawn from neuroscience. The approach helps us develop and sustain a positive mindset, tackle physical and emotional issues, including anxiety, depression, fears, and unwanted habits such as smoking.

Hypnotherapy used guided relaxation which helps you to feel good, relaxed, and positive. It can help build confidence and motivation which can help you to transform your life, find goals, and solve problems.

Hypnotherapy can be used safely in conjunction with prescribed medication. It is a recognised complementary therapy and recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence for some treatments.

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